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Isabel has worked on five substantial book collaborations (White Flag? with Lord Ashcroft; Call Me Dave, with Lord Ashcroft KCMG; The Bad Boys of Brexit, for Arron Banks; Farmageddon, with Philip Lymbery, CEO of the charity Compassion in World Farming; and Inside Out, with Peter Watt, former general secretary of the Labour Party). 

All Isabel’s books have attracted newspaper serialization deals and extensive publicity in print, broadcast and social media. Philip Lymbery has said that his collaboration with Isabel on Farmageddon was “the single most influential project” of his career. The book has now been translated into four languages and a follow-up has been commissioned by publishers Bloomsbury.

Isabel is occasionally able to take on new book projects with select individuals or organisations. To discuss a potential collaboration, please get in touch by email.

Philip Lymbery

Writing about working with Isabel, Lymbery says:

The following quotes sum up Isabel's performance:

Having spent two decades as a leader in my field, I had a story to tell. I wanted my story to be written in a way that would grab mainstream attention; would be picked up by a big publisher, found in all the big bookshops, and be engaging for the general reader. That’s why I chose to work with Isabel. A great writer with an instinct for story-telling in the most compelling way, she didn’t disappoint.

I originally hired her as ghost-writer but quickly found we could work much more collaboratively – the book became a shared writing and research project as we travelled the world uncovering hidden truths about factory farming and how it affects the lives of people and animals. I was concerned at the outset that she couldn’t possibly get to grips with the subject matter; that I’d have to spend huge amounts of time correcting copy. I needn’t have worried. She picked up the issues effortlessly and breathed new life into them.

The book was subsequently published by Bloomsbury and has been transformative. Farmageddon can be found everywhere from Foyles in London to the airport in Perth, Australia. The launch was met by swathes of favourable national media coverage – in the UK, Canada, India, South Africa, Japan and elsewhere. It is now being translated into other languages, including Italian, Polish and Chinese. It has won awards and established my organisation as having something bigger, more relevant to say on the policy stage, linking our issue – animal welfare – with those that matter to people of all walks of life; decent food, health and the future of the countryside.

In short, working with Isabel has turned an aspiration to tell a story into the single most influential project of my career.

Philip Lymbery, 2015

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