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Isabel is currently writing a book on the state of the NHS with the pollster and international philanthropist Lord Ashcroft KCMG. The authors welcome contributions from current or former NHS workers and others with relevant expertise or information, via this website.



White Flag? – An Examination of the UK’s Defence Capability

WHITE FLAG? on the state of the UK’s armed forces, was published in October 2018. Written with the co-operation of the Ministry of Defence, it was the subject of a newspaper bidding war, and was serialised over three days in the Daily Mail.

A review in the Sunday Times newspaper described the book as: “an absolutely gripping, sit-up-and-listen, no-holds-barred investigation of British military clout.”

“This is the sort of stuff our political leaders, of whichever stripe, should be telling us, but don’t. That it often makes uncomfortable reading is a tribute to the clarity and honesty of its analysis.” 

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Call Me Dave: The Unauthorised Biography of David Cameron

In 2015, Isabel co-authored of Call Me Dave, the sensational unauthorized biography of David Cameron. Written with former deputy chairman of the Tory party Lord Ashcroft KCMG, and based on interviews with several hundred sources, the book attracted global publicity. Rights were sold to the Daily Mail for a six figure sum, with royalties donated to military charities supported by Lord Ashcroft. The newspaper described the biography as the “political book of the decade.” Further extracts were serialized by The Sunday Times.

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FARMAGEDDON: The True Cost of Cheap Meat
By Philip Lymbery and Isabel Oakeshott
Bloomsbury, January 2014

In 2012, Isabel was commissioned by the charity Compassion in World Farming to help bring their message about the perils of industrial food production to a wide audience.

She spent two years working on the book with Compassion’s Chief Executive Philip Lymbery. Together, they travelled all over the world, from the chemical soaked almond groves of California to the mega piggeries of rural China; from grim beef production plants in Argentina to algae strewn beaches of Brittany, investigating the impact of the world’s runaway demand for bargain basement chicken, pork , milk and beef.

Meticulously researched and referenced, the resulting environmental expose was critically acclaimed and serialized by the both the Daily Mail and The Sunday Times. To date it has been translated into four languages: Japanese, Italian, Polish and Mandarin.

Isabel went on to edit Dead Zone, a second book by Philip Lymbery, about the impact of industrial farming on wildlife, published by Bloomsbury in 2017.

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Inside Out

Inside Out
My story of betrayal and cowardice at the heart of New Labour
By Peter Watt with Isabel Oakeshott
Published by Biteback, 2010

The subject of a fierce newspaper bidding war, Inside Out was the ultimate insider expose: an unsparing account of the spectacular decline of the most effective political machine of modern times. Ghostwritten by Isabel, it is Peter Watt’s account of the dying days of the Blair/Brown regime, offering a unique insight into the deeply flawed personalities that ran the country at the time. As general secretary of the Labour Party, Watt was at the heart of government during one of the most tumultuous periods in recent political history. He oversaw the transition of the premiership from Tony Blair to Gordon Brown and was intimately involved in two of the biggest political scandals of the Labour administration: ‘cash for honours’ and ‘donorgate’, a row over donations through third parties. For the latter, Watt was thrown to the wolves by Brown, his loyalty repaid with a forced resignation and the threat of prison.

Watt was the first insider to break ranks after Brown entered no10. Published while Brown was still clinging on to power and serialised over two weeks by the Mail on Sunday, Inside Out sent shockwaves through Westminster.

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